Dear All, When I was young, I had a diary I used to write in to share my innermost thoughts. Diaries do not judge – and they do not speak. There was no fear that something I had shared in a moment of vulnerability would become common knowledge amongst strangers. My diary was my safe place – my own Trove of Trust… Of course, diaries are old fashioned. I haven’t seen anyone use one for years now! And again, there is a flip side to a non-judgmental diary that does not speak – it does not respond. So, for the zillion questions that bothered me as I grew up, I had nowhere to go. There are questions you put to your parents and teachers and friends – and there are questions you do not know who to ask… Things have not changed over the years. There are fewer safe places to share what truly bothers you. There are things you don’t understand – about your emotions and how to deal with them, about possible career options, apprehensions and fears about an unknown future or just some anxieties about yourself. Still a zillion questions remain unanswered, for you don’t know who to ask… THE TRUST THROVE is your go to place. The Trust Trove is a safe place where you can share your thoughts without fear of being judged; and where you can reach out and seek answers to questions that have been bothering you – but did not know who to ask. Please ask whatever is bothering you without any fear or apprehension.  You have the right to remain anonymous, or choose a pseudonym, if you so like. As my part of the trust bond I promise to provide answers to your questions honestly and without being judgmental or intruding on your privacy.

Warm regards,

Rajni Sekhri Sibal

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